climbing trees...one of my favourite childhood activities.

mr. blue eyes. loving his deep blue eyes for now seeing as they will probably morph and change as he gets bigger. 

Summer is here! Huzzah! Oliver has his last day of school today and this weekend Matt has planned a surprise birthday weekend trip for me with all of my boys. I am excited to get away and just a little anxious about how Huck will do but I suppose you have to start traveling at some point. It will be a good trial run in our travel crib before we head to Michigan later in the summer.

more pictures after the jump.

a bunch of busy, busy boys.

I suppose that is one way to take a rest.  

making cookies for Father's Day. 

he loves the scooper or blopper or slopper or dropper....they all rhyme, you know?! (says Oliver)

at the IRL graduation at Daddy's boathouse (Community Rowing Inc.)  He knows where Daddy keeps all the cool stuff. 

and of course a trip to the boathouse would not be complete without going to the shop. Tristan and Dave are amazing with Oliver. They let him "use" tools and they are both so patient with a very busy and curious boy.  

tummy time is exhausting and it makes Huck look like a drunk old man.

last day of school warrants a treat...a Verna's donut!

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