A new haircut and summer is in full swing. Ollie is going to a day camp for a few hours and gets to run around with buddies and then when the weather is nice (which thankfully has been often) we hit the park, the pool or suss out a walkable activity such as the farmer's market or a froyo trip. It has overall been an enjoyable summer with a few frustrations around a 4 1/2 year old who wants to what he wants and can throw some serious shade and eye rolls if he is feeling put out. It's a process that's for sure. 

Huck had his 2 month appointment this week. He was a super happy and jovial baby until the needles came out. Poor kiddo had been hamming it up for the nurse and then she goes and jabs him in his legs three times! Of course Huck went beet red and screamed his face off but as soon as I picked him up he stopped crying and just looked at me like, why did you let that lady do that to me?! Here are his stats: 13.5lbs (78%), 23.25 inches (66%), 41.8 cm noggin (99%).

my two bugs snuggling in the morning. 


summer is here! spray park is in full action. 

the beach is jammed!

and our local pool/kid pool. 

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