Stowe, VT

As I mentioned in my previous post, we went up to Stowe, VT for a birthday getaway.  It was a fun filled trip with an ice cream factory tour at Ben & Jerry's, dinner out in Stowe, and a lovely little hike to see Bingham Falls. Vermont is so picturesque and overall we had stellar weather so we could enjoy the scenery. Keep reading to see a whole bunch of photos, including Oliver getting very serious over his ice cream!

 running off the sillies after being in the car for a good three hours. 

 ice cream before lunch...crazy. makes for a happy kiddo. 

 a very happy birthday to me. 

 serious stuff.

 wisely the Ben & Jerry's factory has a playground out back so Oliver could run off a bit of the sugar.

 we stayed in a condo and there were two pools on the grounds...dream come true for Oliver. 

 Huck enjoyed relaxing in the shade.

 sweet baby face. 

 lead the way, Ollie. 

 love them.

 Bingham Falls. Waterfalls always look so puny when you take a picture. It really was pretty impressive and moving really fast. 

 rock cairns. 

 self-timer, rock scramble and a picture of all four of us!

back up we go. 

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