I was so wrapped up in getting Oliver off to school this week that I forgot all about my 52 week installation. Oliver could not have been happier to head off to school on Thursday. Since he is in a Montessori classroom he already knew his teacher and a bunch of friends from last year making it a very easy transition. Frankly, had he been able to drive himself to school at 6am (school starts at 8am) he would have! So my big boy just keeps getting bigger and my littlest is not so little anymore. Huck is growing leaps and bounds. He can roll both to his belly and to his back. He has attempted "sitting" on his own more than once and overall the more physical the skill the better. Oliver was an early walker (he got up and strolled around the park at 10 1/2 months) but I seriously think Huck may beat that. We will see. 

playing in the photo booth at Diesel Cafe. One of these days it will work when we go and we will all pile in for some silly pictures.  

All kitted out for soccer! His favourite part was the shin guards although I giggled when I put them on him because we had to get the large youth size for the length of his shin but his teeny calf muscle did not even begin to fill out the elastic band. The socks are a necessity. 

look! I can sort of sit! 

and fall into pillow! Ha, that is the best part!

heading off to sleepy land...

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