Whole 30

For the month of September, Matt and I are doing the Whole30. If you don't know about the Whole30 you can read all of the details on their website, but basically, we are allowed to eat meat, eggs, veggies, some fruit, and healthy fats. Everything else (grains, legumes, alcohol, dairy, sugar, processed foods) are not allowed. Crazy. A bit.

My decision to try the Whole30 came from a mix of different places. A bit over a year ago my good friend Jaimie talked about her experience with Whole30. Was I ready to jump in? Not yet. Fast forward to this year; I've had a baby and I got into the habit of having ice cream after dinner and eating potato chips. Are these terrible? Not really but I felt like I needed a reboot after the Summer. So after our trip to the Little Cottage in Michigan we decided to kick it off in September.


almonds+cashews+dried cherries+dried cranberries

I'll be honest gearing up for September 1 seemed a bit daunting and we were trying a few new products including almond milk and plaintain chips and ghee.  There would be no go to comforts like milk in the morning coffee or a sweet treat or even a glass of wine after a long day. The first few days were a bit rocky and oh my goodness I have never eaten so many eggs in my life but overall it has been fine and both Matt and I feel good about following through with our social experiment of detoxing off of sugar. There is a long way left to go and a lot more eggs to consume. I will do a few more updates as we go along, so stay tuned.

roasted potatoes+rotisserie chicken salad+carrots+tomatoes 

almond milk+frozen bananas+almond butter 

turkey rolls+avocado

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