Last year, one of my nearest and dearest, Liz and I met up in New York around this time of year as a Mama getaway. We were both pregnant and we greatly enjoyed good food and fabulous company. Fast forward to this year, I was itchy for a getaway but alas Liz could not join so I went solo. And had a fantastic time. I really do enjoy visiting New York. There is an abundance of art and bookstores and coffee! And I also had one very important reason for this trip.  My wonderful friend Renée  whom I have known since high school and who studied at Sotheby's a year after me just started working at the MoMA...swoon! I am so proud of her and yes, a bit jealous too! So my trip started out with lunch and catching up with Renée  at her beautiful new place of employment. 

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Felix Gonzalez-Torres"Untitled" (Toronto)1992

Another day, another museum. This time, the newly opened, self-proclaimed "diva", Whitney Museum of American Art. The space, both indoors and outdoors is full of light. And Frank Stella retrospective was a gorgeous collection of both his two dimensional and three dimensional paintings. I overall really enjoyed the new space but aside from the beautifully curated retrospective, I felt like there was too much going on on some of the other floors. It seemed like the museum felt like, wow we have this new space, let's unearth all of the pieces from storage and put them on display. 

permanent collection 

Frank Stella: A Retrospective

Highline in repose, beautiful even when brown and crunchy. Such an amazing re-imagination of a once derelict space.

coffee...always coffee.

5th ave all dressed up for the holidays!

Thank you New York for another lovely trip. And thank you to my husband (and mother in law) for giving me the opportunity to getaway for the weekend!

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