Oliver is on the cusp of reading. He can sound out words pretty well (he just gets frustrated easily) and he is feeling more of the rhythm that you get once you start reading a story. He has even surprised with with his sight recognition of various words and phrases. Like yesterday, he was looking at the side of his juice box and announced that his juice had 40 calories. I told him wow! great reading and he looked at me confused and said I did not read that, I just knew what it says. Then we chatted about how his brain was beginning to recognize words without the effort of sounding them out. Oliver was very excited that his brain was growing and learning new tricks. I am excited to enter this new world of independent reading because, well I adore books and so does Oliver and I am thrilled to have a whole new world opened to him.  

Huck's eyes are magical. They are. They are still the most beautiful deep ocean blue I have ever seen and I hope they stay that way. But the way the light dances in his eyes is wondrous.  Matt and I both noted a couple of days ago that Huck is in a fun, playful phase. He cannot walk (yet) but he loves to cruise around and crawl and knock over towers of just about anything as well as roll a ball back and forth and giggle endlessly. I try to see bits of my day through his eyes, to feel the joy from the simple things like block towers and peach flavored puffs. 

movie night! we watched a movie a few nights ago (Cars 2) and Huck got in on the last bit of the action. Oliver is delighted to narrate the entire film for him, me, eh not so much. But it sure does make my Mama heart proud to see how much these two boys love each other.   

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