The sun is shining today as it was yesterday so we moved our afternoon snack outdoors to the deck and I took a million photos with my big camera. It really makes me want to bust out the big camera more, the quality is so much better but gosh darn it the iphone is always in my pocket. I am also choosing to ignore the pending snow that we could see this coming Sunday. After a couple of nice warm Spring days I'm over the cold and ready to usher in the bike rides and gardening and park play. So go away cold, blowing snow!

As I write this the sweet cheeked little one you see above is screaming his little face off in full nap revolt. He is doing so much better at night, even with an ear infection and popping 4 teeth but man the naps are still tough and he never goes down without a fight. And it's too bad because he is so much more jovial after having napped.

Oliver is growing like a weed and again the warm weather needs to stick around because I need to chop all of his pants into shorts seeing as he is starting to look like he is preparing for a flood!

mr. blue steel. even chomping on a yogurt stick he still is the most gorgeous boy I know (biased opinion, of course!).

Mr. happy. He really is the happiest little guy. He rarely complains except when he is tired (or being put down for a nap). I adore both of my boys but I call him my redemptive baby because he is showing me the joy in babyhood.  Oliver was a tough baby. Very needy and a terrible sleeper so I did not have a lot of "joy" when he was small and never understood how people adored the baby phase. Well, now I get it. Having a little one is still really tough but Huck is such a friendly, happy boy that I find myself enjoying his babyhood a whole heck of a lot more that I did with Oliver.

And the two of them are really starting to "play" together a bit more. They are 5 years apart so it will always be a different sibling relationship but I love watching the two of them find ways to interact together. Huck, of course worships the everything Oliver does. So it did not surprise me when all Huck wanted was the toys Oliver was playing with. Sneaky little bugger.

Ooops. Not sneaky enough! And overall I'm really proud of how Oliver handles having a little brother who constantly wants to get into his stuff. Usually Oliver is good about going and finding a Huck-appropriate toy but sometimes he does forcibly remove Huck from what he is doing. I'm ok with that as long as he is gentle with him and does not use the headlock method...ahem as he did yesterday. Huck let his displeasure be know loud and clear!

Nice defense, O!

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