Thank goodness it's Friday! Although weekends serve a different purpose these days than they did in the past (pre-child life that is). This week seemed particularly long to me. Our days were full and in general that is a good thing but by the time bedtime rolled around I found myself just watching the clock and willing the minute hands towards that magic time when both of the littles were tucked into bed. Sometimes the daily grind just catches up with you (along with the mountain of laundry to prove it). 

And even though there was a dusting of snow and a cold winter nip in the air today, I have noticed the sunshine sticking around a little bit longer in the afternoons. We have had a few Spring-like days and it is just a taste of what is to come. I am looking forward to getting back into our park routine and afternoons spent running around outside. 

So for now we will still pad around the house in our wooly socks and continue to bring Spring inside via Trader Joe's flowers and try our best to be patient for the seasons to change (and for bedtime to come!).   

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