Outings. Plans. Playdates. I truly consider myself to be a homebody. But with kids, for me it is a whole different ball game. While I love curling up with a cup of coffee and a good book or plotting out a meal to try or sewing up in the office, with my kids I get stir crazy. My coffee cup migrates around the house. I generally stick to a few meal favorites during busy weeknights and my sewing machine sees more dust than I would like.  

With my boys I like to have a few outings planned during the week. Of course Oliver is in school during the day but Huck and I strike out to various playdates around town. And this self-proclaimed homebody, introvert thrives on these social outings. They add structure to my day and as much as I love playing with my kids, they do not always want to play with me. They would much rather run around with friends or in Huck's case flirt with all the ladies and perhaps try to nosh on that play doh. 

So perhaps later I can try to finish that book or I will nuke my coffee one more time and try to getting some sewing or blogging accomplished during nap time (like right now!). I try not to get sucked into the land of Instagram or other blogs that seem to be doing it all. It's hard at times when I see pretty pictures and perfectly coifed women and wonder how the heck they can seemingly do it all. How do they run a cute business, have three kids, have their hair done and manage to make it look easy? I do not have the answer because frankly, that is not me. But I would like to think that maybe, just maybe outside of the perfect square of their Instagram photo lurks a pile of laundry. Who knows. All I know is that my coffee is cold and the laundry buzzer just went off. 

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