Spring has sprung and both of the kiddos are growing like weeds. Oliver is looking more and more grownup with each passing week and he is navigating the ups and downs at school and the playground with much more poise (well most of the time). I really feel like he has grown up so much during this school year (and yes, I'm well aware that I probably say this every year). 

Speaking of weeds. Can we talk about how big Huck is! So we just had our 12 month appointment and let me tell you he is a healthy boy. Here are his stats: weight 24lbs 6oz (92%), height 31.25" (89%), Head circumference 49.5 cm (100%).  Huck is so social at these appointments and even with four (!) shots he was all smiles by the time we left the office. Our Dr. said he looked great and was ahead of the pack both verbally and physically (pat on the back) but that it was time to pull the cord on his occasional 2am snack. Matt and I are both lamenting that move, not because we enjoy waking up at 2am but because of the wrath which will be released upon us by said curly haired baby. 

We are looking forward to yet another busy weekend full of swim class, baseball, birthday parties and Oliver's very first trip to Fenway Park to the see Red Sox play the Indians (I will do my best to have him don his Red Sox hat, although he is going with Matt).  

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