Helping in the garden. We are so behind with our container garden this year. Perhaps this weekend we will tackle it. Oliver drags his feet a bit when we ask him to help water or weed or whatnot but he always enjoys it once he has completed the task. And he usually has a story to tell or bug to examine or a rainbow that he creates with the hose. 

Always watching. And crying when he is not involved in the task. Or when Matt leaves. Or when Oliver leaves. Only sometimes when I leave. 

Goofball at the school play ground. He has boundless energy. It truly amazes me how after a full day of school he is still ready to play at multiple playgrounds. I wish I could steal some of his energy as easily as I could drink another cup of coffee.

This little dude. Rocking mostly 2T clothing as long as it has an adjustable waistband. He is talking more and has lots of baby opinions, most of which is hard to decipher and leads to a lot of pointing and feeling a bit like you are living with a very old man as opposed to a very young one. 

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