on the river.

Over the last weekend we headed out to Newton to check out the smaller (new to CRI boathouse) for the National Learn to Row Day.  It was a great opportunity to get Oliver into a mini, tubby shell and get him out on the water.  Oliver was so excited to try out rowing because he runs around the boathouse with Matt like he owns the place. He loves an erg. He loves to walk out onto the docks. He loves going to wood shop and bug Tristan and Dave for power tools. But this was the first time having the experience of having an oar in his hands. Oliver was ready to roll and was practically already in the boat before I could snap a few pictures.  It was a joy to introduce Oliver to a sport that both Matt and I have a history with and Matt has turned into an amazing career.

Oliver really enjoyed the experience. He worked hard and tried his best. Matt hopped in a boat too and showed Oliver a few tips. Oliver got out of the boat with a beaming smile and was rewarded with a cold juice box and a sachet of goldfish. Success!

 marching off down the docks.

 waiting patiently.

 learning the basics.

 oh my...he is awesome.

 let's do this!

 watching daddy.

 love them.

 oh hi there Huck!

Oliver found his favourite oars! (well until he spotted the batman ones behind him and then had a bit of an existential crisis). 

love my crew. 

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