I feel like I'm playing a lot of catch up. And this heat...ugh. It is so darn hot. It makes just about everything a bit more difficult. The only two viable options in this heat are stay indoors or be in the water. Thankfully the Olympics are on so staying in our living room is full of interesting sports. And we have been going to the beach, to the pool, and eating a fair amount of ice cream treats. 

I also cannot believe that we are so deeply entrenched in August (other than the heat, of course). Oliver has his last week of camp and then the boys and I head off to the Little Cottage where I hope we will find slightly cooler temperatures, lake side swimming and playing and of course more ice cream treats. 

My boys continue to grow. Oliver's legs seem to stretch out after every night. Huck is showing us just how much food a small person can eat in one day. I think he is like Samson and keeps his strength in his hair which like Oliver's legs seems to grow every night. 

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