Home again, home again, jiggity jig. After a short yet seemingly long travel day yesterday (is it just me or does it take as much energy to take two short flights as it does to fly across the country?) we are home. And as wonderful as it is to sleep in our own beds and snuggle on our couch and enjoy the sounds and sights of our neighborhood, I always have a hard time leaving the cottage. It has grown and changed as I have grown and I adore that my boys all love to return to my "happy" place year after year. I took a solo stroll on the beach before we said goodbye and it was a nice respite for me. A time to listen to the repetitive hum of the waves and look for that elusive blue lake glass. The cottage may have changed over the years but the beach has not; the sand still squeaks, the stones are still smooth and the breeze smells the same. The wind off of the water carries so many memories with it and sometimes it's hard to feel it all but I know that it is now mine to build new memories with and I look forward to many more years of stories and sand castles and swimming in lake. 

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