Back in New Zealand and wow, the pictures just do not do this place justice. We drove from the east coast (Christchurch) to the west coast (Greymouth) in a mere 3 hours mind you and the scenery was just beautiful. The mountains are craggy and barren at some points and green and lush at others. The wind was strong and biting but the sun was warm on your back. Rugged and amazing countryside to drive through. 

Once we made it to the coast (on a beautiful, bluebird sky day) we made our way down to the Tasman sea. The wind was whipping and the waves were frothy. It was a beach of smooth round and oblong rocks which we all wandered around saying ohh, look now this must be the perfect rock. Only to drop that one and find another all too perfect rock. Huck was especially keen on the rock hunt and at times was wobbling around clutching a rock in each hand. Oliver had a bit more of a discerning rock palate and was quick to share if he in fact disagreed with your rock assessment. Matthew's job was to keep us all in check with the number of rocks we actually left the beach with. I was ready to ship a container home! 



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