Super cool, bundled up and ready to go find our Christmas tree!

Over the weekend we ticked a lot of holiday must do's off. We quested and cut down our own Christmas tree, we met with Santa and we decorated our house for the impending holiday. Pretty much before and after any nap or bedtime Oliver asks if Santa is coming. And upon the disappointment that it is not in fact christmas he bemoans and questions eagerly, "why is Santa taking so long to get here?!". It is pretty adorable how invested he is this year and it makes me that much more excited for his jubilation come christmas morning. Below you will see some snaps from out tree cutting excursion as well as our other activities. 

Documenting the day just like mama. 

Found it! Now get to work. Oliver was eager to help.

Tada! We did it!

Ok, jut call me Sherpa. At this point Oliver demanded to be carried so that left me with the camera, the tree, and the saw. Great.

No tears this year!

Mr. Bedhead helping with the lights. 

All done. Now it is starting to feel festive round here. 


At sing-a-long. Engaged.

At sing-a-long. Cheeky.

At sing-a-long. Snuggly.

All perked up at lunch afterwards.

Love him.

Family love.

1 week until Christmas! 

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