Make it: Festive Valentine's Day Napkins

Here is an easy and cute craft to dress up a table for Valentine's day. There is minimal effort involved and as long as you are not looking for perfection this is a great DIY for you!

You will need some fabric paint in the color of your choice (i went for hot pink!), a standard pencil with an unused eraser, an x-acto knife and some cotton napkins (on sale at target worked for me).

First draw a teeny heart on the eraser to act as a guide.

Next, slice around the heart until you have a sweet, little heart stamp.

Dip into your paint and stamp away! Now my hearts did not come out perfectly, but I am ok with that. This is a cute craft for a one day holiday so perfect was not on my to do list! You could also just skip the carving and do polka dots all over your napkins, that would be really sweet too!

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