Link it: Olympic Party Ideas

The Winter Olympics in Sochi started last night with the Opening Ceremony taking place tonight night...yay! We are taking Ollie up to New Hampshire for a mini ski adventure this weekend but come bedtime Matt and I will definitely be tucking into some Olympic coverage. 

Below are some festive ideas for an Olympic party for both adults and kiddos.

Festive sugar ring Champagne drinks (via Cupcakes and Cashmere).

Yummy, brightly sugared doughnuts (via Whatever Dee-Dee Wants).

An international array of flags to decorate your living room (via Mr. Printables).

And just in case you have not seen the bits about the journalists who are running into problems with their hotel rooms in Sochi, check it is good for a chuckle, but man that would suck.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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