Make it: building stamps.

Have you ever heard of Brit + Co? It is a fun site that gathers craft, style, recipes, and technology ideas from all over the web and curates them into one, fun easy to navigate daily email blast.  I found this awesome stamp craft idea through Brit + Co from Mermag, which is an amazing blog on its own right. This is an easy, nap friendly craft that creates a set of stamps to use to create fun, whimsical landscapes. I hope Oliver enjoys them as much as I have! 
Click through for the easy directions. 

Gather: 7 wooden craft blockscraft foamgluecolorful ink pads
Do: Trace or free hand the various shapes that you would like have in your set of stamps, I used the stamps shapes suggested in Mermag's blog. Then glue the shapes onto the block and wait until they dry. Then get stamping! 

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