this year Mondays are my day with Oliver. So this week we struck out to the main library in Cambridge and walked by plenty of doe eyed freshman en route to their morning classes. It was a beautiful day so we took our time ambling along the storied Harvard paths chatting and searching for all of the "red" items that we could spot as we walked.

Once at the library we were greeted by familiar faces, the librarians who work at the main library are amazing and asked Oliver all about his summer. Even though we had to bail on the sing a long due to some cranky factor it was such a beautiful day that we continued on to get lunch in Harvard Sq. at Oliver's choice, Shake Shack. After our bellies were full we took the train home. Oliver has been a bundle of emotions and even when the days are full of really tough moments,  I love that I can look back through the silly pictures I snapped on our adventures and smile.  

watching the world go by in the "treehouse" children's section of the library.

loves the train and he was a bit disappointed that we were only taking it one stop.

pretending to drive the Mexico?! Sometimes I wish I could crawl inside of his brain to see where these schemes and ideas come to fruition. 

reading books after school while ignoring my pleas to pack up his lunch box.

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