Michigan redux 2014

Here is a large chunk of pictures from our time in Michigan. I cannot really put into words how special this place is to me and it truly makes my heart sing that both Oliver and Matt have embraced the shores of Lake Michigan as much as I have. It is one of the highlights of our summer and we look forward to our excursion out to the Midwest every summer. The Little Cottage has been in my family for centuries and I hope to continue to eat ice cream, enjoy sunsets, cook simple dinners, and swim in the lake until I am old and grey just like my grandparents did.  

toes in the sand. early morning walks are some of my favourite.

while my cousin Jeff, his lovely wife Erin and their kids; Sara Beth, Sofia, and Cole were at the cottage we took advantage of being able to go play on the waterski boat. Oliver had his first experience and did pretty well...only a few tears when he got swamped by the wake. 

cruising and enjoying the view. 

all the kids! 

a morning at the little (baby) beach on White Lake.

testing the water.




i had to take a picture...we did not carve it but i could not pass up on the cheesy factor. 

one of the best bits of the cottage is sharing it! we loved having Jaimie and Liz with Ainslie and Declan come play. 

Oliver and Ainslie. They continue to be two peas in a pod. 

deep conversations about popsicles and such.

heading down to White Lake. 

playing and splashing with Delcan, the observant one. 

here's what happens when you try to get a shot of just the ladies! 

i mean really boys! just one picture! 

cute as can be. 

one of many foggy afternoons.

my swimming partner. we spent plenty of time splashing around together.  

me and my bug. I cannot believe how big he is getting! even though three has thrown us some curve balls, I love the empathetic yet boisterous little boy he is growing into. 

i mean really, does he get any cuter! 

my two favourite boys on the planet!

soooo big.

a picture in front of the cottage is a must.  

a trip (or two) to Dog n Suds is a must.

family shot. 

we did score at least one beautiful sunset. Until next summer Michigan!

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