Holiday Pictures.

We are home for a quick minute and then off to wrap up the rest of our holiday travels, but we are back from Florida nonetheless. It was overall a delightful trip filled with time with family and a few adventures. While in the Orlando area we went on a boat tour and then played some mini golf.  
 Snuggles with Daddy on the boat tour.

 It's a Christmas miracle, the elusive car nap exists!

happy mini golfers.  

a captive audience. 

he "helped" me on every hole. what a guy! 

why play the game when you can become part of it! 

arghhh. matey! it was a pirate themed mini golf place.

silly boys.  

clearly one lemonade was not enough. 

One afternoon, Matthew and I left Oliver with Grandma and Kurt and met up with our good friends Mollie and Greg. Even in the whirlwind of the holidays they were kind enough to carve out time of their schedule to meet up with us and even take us sailing! Thank you, Mollie and Greg!

Matt getting sailing lessons from the pro.

happy parents. 

back in the harbor, ready for dinner. 

back home at 53 and imagine that, Santa made a stop here too! All in all a fun holiday trip but man did it feel amazing to sleep in my own bed last night!

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