whew. another 52 project completed! some images better than others but that is fine by me. it is a good weekly challenge that I hope to keep up in the coming year even with, especially with all of the changes coming our way. I certainly hope everyone will have a wonderful, beautiful and peaceful 2015. 

click through for more pictures of our end of year/start of year shenanigans. (and you will see a lot of the new Boston Red Sox hat, it's a new fav).

silly boys. we went out to dinner at Highland Kitchen for New Years.  

being goofy while waiting for our table. 

In the past Oliver and I have gone to the Museum of Fine Arts Boston on Christmas Eve Day but since we were not around we bumped the tradition up a couple weeks to New Years Eve Day.  It makes his mama's art history heart swell that he enjoys wandering around a museum! 

a perpetual clear winner in Oliver's book is "Untitled" by Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Everyone loves the experience of walking through a giant beaded curtain and it tickles his fancy that he can touch something in the museum. 

loads of fun at the museum with my bug followed up by finding and amazing parking spot in Brookline and getting seated straight away for lunch at Zaftigs with what seemed like a mass of people waiting ahead of us!

the city was super quiet, the streets were basically empty on our drive to lunch. 

cornbread helper for a yummy, warm chili dinner.

I feel like I should dig up a mess or tubby photos for a montage and see how big he is and how his hair has changed!

After the New Year we went to Drumlin Farm with some friends. Oliver is basically a mini-tour guide at this point and he loves showing off what he know about the animals.

a chilly day but the sun was shining.  

stretched out and chilling on our drive into Harvard Sq. after the farm.

books books books. a great way to kill some time with Ollie is always head to the Harvard Coop and read a medley of books. 

Happy New Year and onto the the next 52!

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