I'm running behind on these posts! but I suppose when you have 2 weeks left before a new family member makes a grand appearance I can have a little bit of an excuse. Even with my burgeoning bump we managed to have an activity filled Spring break. I am happy that his vacation fell before baby's due date because man oh man am I getting uncomfortable. But enough about me. Check out this amazing little rock climbing dude! We were at the zoo and he fearlessly climbed at least halfway up the self-belay rock wall. I was so impressed and he would have stayed there all day...forget the animals!

 out doing errands. checking out the perpetual motion ball machine at the Children's Hospital.

museum outing at the MFA. Oliver loves going on spring break because they have activities. We did them all! including drawing a live model. He did such a great job!

rocking out before dinner.

so that is all for now. 

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