yup, a little behind on the 52 project...again. But Spring, oh Spring you have arrived. And please do not run away again. The sun is warm and everyone has a little hop in their step, even the 9 month pregnant lady is happy to have the sunshine accompany me as we wait for the baby to join our family. After school a couple of days ago, Oliver stripped off his sweatshirt and spun around with joy! It was hilarious. 
Oliver has a "iphone" which lives in the car and you are supposed to draw on the front with chalk. the chalk was lost long ago and rather he enjoys stuffing the foam eraser "ear buds" in his ears and pretending to listen to some tunes. He truly believes he can control the radio in the car so DO NOT try to tell him otherwise when he is rocking his iphone. 

 silly boy at the market.

snoozing. new sheets. chilling in his massive bed. loving life. 

dancing and/or being zombies after school. I love how much fun he has at school.

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