well here we are at a bit of a cross roads. next week we will have our new family member. wow, I just wrote that. as I sit here writing around my robust belly I still have a hard time imagining holding a new baby. everything is going to shift. we are ready, I think. I suppose you are never really ready until you are doing it. But I certainly hope that Oliver will roll with the punches as we navigate these new and at times bumpy waters. 

I mean look at that face! I love him so very much. 

He has been quite snuggly, especially since he was sick for the past four days. All he has wanted is to snuggly, read books and eat homemade juice popsicles. 

Such a big boy waiting for our lunch at Clover Food Lab. He always wants to sit where they cut the french fries.

Candle pin bowling with friends over last weekend. So much fun. 

great form, Oliver! haha. 

very focused and intent. 

still a boy in a box with some markers is a great way to pass an afternoon. 

here we are. 6 days until go time. my shirts do not fit so well. 

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