We have been on break this past week and I took Huck and Ollie on a skiing adventure. Well, Ollie skied and Huck and I did are best at entertaining ourselves for the hours in between. Then we all hunkered down in a hotel room where we experienced a fire alarm (before bed, thank goodness), ate room service for dinner, swam in the freezing cold pool (well, Oliver did) and we all slept pretty darn well. This was my first time taking both of my boys on an overnight to a hotel alone. And I have to say, it went a lot more smoothly than I expected. Oliver was super helpful and understood that Huck would probably wake up at some point in the night but it was not his job to help. It went so well that I am doing it again. Crazy, perhaps? Matt has a massive weekend of conferences and Crash-b's (an indoor rowing event). And he is out of parenting commission sooooo I am taking Huck and Ollie on another excursion. Will lightening strike twice and we will all sleep and have fun? I sure hope so. 

I feel like Huck is in the phase where I put him to bed at night and then I get him up in the morning and he has changed, he has grown. His hair is longer. He is getting more teeth. And his personality is developing more and more each and every day. We are in a pretty sweet spot at them moment. And I am relishing as much of his "babyness" as I can because I feel the change in the air. 

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