Around here.

I feel as if I am already becoming so nostalgic for Oliver's childhood. And he has so much more of it in from of him. But at times I really just try to sit back and watch. Watch the world tick by through his perspective. Recently, we went out for a walk with Huck in the stroller and Ollie on foot. We were not going far, just to the coffee shop to shake up our day but as we walked home I noticed how confidently Oliver knew his way home. He is seamlessly able to navigate the bike path and sidewalk as it twists and turns back to our blue house. 

I love this.

I love the freedom he has. 

I love the neighborhood we live in and I love that he is growing up a city boy. 

I grew up with a large yard and a driveway to pedal my bike up and back and up and back. But more often than not if I wanted to go to a friends house it required a car ride and a coordinated pick up time. Here in our neighborhood although Oliver cannot walk to a friends house alone (yet) but he is able to stay and play and the let the games morph with their imaginations without having to wrap things up as soon as I walk in the door because we are just walking a few blocks home. He may not have a yard to romp in but he has a park right down the street and he also has friends and friends who are like family all within a 10 block radius. Pretty amazing. 

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